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5 Proven Tips To Boost Sales By Joining ONDC | Mystore
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5 Proven Tips To Boost Sales By Joining ONDC

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Mystore11/22/2022, 10:40 AM

Planning to take your brick-and-mortar store online? But wondering if you are ready to cash in on the hype around ONDC? 

Well, you have absolutely made the right decision and to help you plan your growth trajectory, Mystore happens to be the right choice. 

Enterprise brands and SMEs have been vying for ways to tap into the vast unexplored online market. It is just the right time to hop on the ecommerce bandwagon with ONDC seller app.

The question here is - How to start selling on the ONDC network?

Easy breezy!

Register with the ONDC complaint seller interface and get started in no time. 

Let’s delve deeper to understand the in and out of ONDC.

The working of ONDC and its benefits

The Open Network for Digital Commerce is a novel initiative by the government to democratize ecommerce in India and make ecommerce accessible to SMEs. The ONDC platform brings together the ONDC registered sellers and millions of buyers from across the country, providing a level playing field to sellers across industries. It provides sellers with ample opportunities to boost their sales and accelerate their business growth.

Here is a list of benefits sellers can get by registering on the open network using an ONDC seller app:

  • Go to the market in record time with a cutting-edge seller app

  • Get easy access to a variety of service providers, tech solutions etc. on the same platform

  • Run the business on their own terms

  • Access valuable customer data to strategically plan their business

  • Reach millions of buyers and tap into the unexplored markets

  • Strategically plan discounts and prices to improve the profit margins

  • Get recognised by the customers and build a portable reputation on the shared platform

ONDC setup enables the sellers to smoothly run their business and grow into new markets in a non-discriminatory environment. Mystore seller app is an advanced ONDC compliant seller inferface that offers a feature-rich admin dashboard to the sellers to manage their products, orders, shipping etc. seamlessly.  

5 Proven tips to help you boost your sales by going on ONDC

Joining the ONDC platform yields better conversions and charts an upward growth trajectory for businesses of every scale and size. However, to make the most of the opportunities provided by ONDC, sellers need to make strategic plans to race ahead of the competition. 

Mystore brings a list of 5 proven tips to help you boost sales by joining ONDC:

1. Add conversion oriented product details

The simple roadmap to a successful online business is a happy customer. When you provide ease of buying to your customers, they keep coming back to you. And how to achieve that? It's quite simple - provide detailed product information and help them make better decisions.

Your customers are already looking for:

  • A detailed product description

  • A 360-degree view of the product

  • Acess to reachable contact details

  • Clearly mentioned returns and refunds terms

  • Multiple payment and quick delivery options

With the Mystore seller app, sellers can easily implement the above mentioned on their online stores. Sellers can also decide their own return, refund, discount etc. The built-in contact form from Mystore also enables the buyers to be directly connected with the sellers and thus speeds up grievance/query answering time. 

2. Keep reviewing competitors to offer better deals

The shopping habits of the buyers have evolved manifold. Buyers today look for personalized deals and offers along with a personalized buyer journey. The key to keeping customers hitched to your online store is staying coordinated with the customer’s demand. 

The ONDC compliant seller interface, Mystore offers SEO-ready solutions with integrated marketing tools to make the most of the organic and paid marketing opoutunities and to boost customer footfall. Sellers can strategize their marketing campaigns and offer better deals to their customers using rich marketing tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager etc by Mystore. Sellers can optimize their site content and products for better discoverability and increased sales. The in-built marketing tools can also be utilized to offer different deals to different buyer segments.

3. Add value added services 

Who doesn’t like free shipping or free gifts with their purchase? The best way to lure customers to your business while selling via ONDC is to provide them with added services that they can’t say no to. For example, sellers can offer a free gift on the purchase of a certain fixed amount say Rs 1000/- or offer free shipping on pre-paid orders. 

It is a proven fact that 80% of shoppers want same-day delivery and 61% want their packages faster. With quick commerce and promptness to customer’s needs, sellers can quickly accelerate their growth. The ONDC compliant seller app, Mystore helps sellers streamline and automate their shipping and delivery management solutions to offer quick hyperlocal deliveries. Sellers on the Mystore app can try different marketing strategies like offering free products, discounts, free shipping etc for various customer segments or even improvise as needed. Using multiple channels like SMS and email sellers can also power their communications to engage better with their customers.

4. Keep business streamlined with a good seller app

Choosing the right ONDC seller app can be a challenging task. The seller app you choose can make or break your business. But with the right technology in hand, sellers can seamlessly streamline their online businesses, get good traffic, and avail all benefits offered by ONDC in the  ecommerce industry.  

Wondering what you should look for in a well rounded seller app? Here is a list of some must-have features in your seller app:

  • Cutting-edge technology to future-proof your business

  • Speed-optimizations to get your products recognized quickly

  • Easy-to-use interface 

  • Easy to build secure online stores with multi-level security

  • Quick and seamless integration with ONDC approved software

  • Easy transition from any other platforms

Mystore seller app offers above-mentioned features with a gamut of other features to help you carve a niche for your ecommerce business. Built on cutting-edge MACH architecture, Mystore offers an easy-to-use, intuitive and feature-rich admin interface that allows sellers to manage their businesses seamlessly. 

5. Offer loyalty rewards to customers for promoting your brand

Every business looks forward to becoming a part of the booming industry and promoting their brand to attain loyal customers in the future. What could be a better way to retain customers than offering multiple rewards? Right! 

Customers love personalized rewards on special occasions. You can offer gift cards or upsell and cross-sell products through personalized notification in real time. On the ONDC platform, you can also reward your customers with loyalty card schemes for sharing their products on social media or give referral bonuses for each referral purchase. You can also feature your loyal customers celebrating their presence. 


With ONDC, sellers in India are now getting nation-wide access to millions of buyers. ONDC will be revolutionzing the ecommerce industry in India by providing a direct and easily accessible digital channel of selling to SMEs. But to stay competitive and race ahead, sellers need smart strategies and an advanced ONDC seller app to back up their growth plans.

Mystore is an ONDC compliant seller app that makes selling easy even for novice users who have no experience of selling on online platforms whatsoever. Mystore enables sellers to  have a quick ONDC registration and  start selling on the app. On the open platform, sellers can reach millions of buyers and explore a wider market accelerating their business growth. With the right technology at hand, sellers can make informed decisions about their business. 

Ready to explore new online markets by joining the ONDC platform with Mystore? Register now and explore the platform to expand your business.