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Top 5 Benefits Of Selling On ONDC Platform For D2C Brands | Mystore
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Top 5 Benefits Of Selling On ONDC Platform For D2C Brands

Mystore Team2022-08-23T05:20:44.677Z

ONDC is opening up new business opportunities for D2C brands that are looking forward to growing quickly. The government of India-backed Open network for Digital Commerce initiative enables businesses of every size to reach new markets by just registering on the network. Direct to consumer brands that are implementing various strategies to unlock growth can leverage the open digital network to make their brand customers’ favourite across India.

How D2C brands can start selling on ONDC 

To start selling on the Open Network for Digital Commerce direct to consumer brands need to follow the steps given below:

  • Create their account on the Mystore ONDC seller app and fill in their GSTIN and bank account details

  • Upload and list the products catalogues

  • Start getting orders from customers across India

  • Choose from a wide range of shipping partners on Mystore to fulfill their nationwide orders

  • Get their payments into their account following the pre-decided remittance cycle 

That’s all. In 5 easy steps, D2C businesses can open up new sales channels to grow their brand.

Top 5 reasons why D2C brands should sell on ONDC

Building and scaling a direct-to-consumer business is a long process. It takes strategic planning and fair market understanding to cut the middlemen and still retain loyal customers while acquiring new customers in new markets. 

However, the sheer structure and operating principles of the ONDC network open new avenues for D2C companies. Here are the top benefits of registering your direct-to-consumer brand on the ONDC network:

Widen your customer base

Selling on ONDC opens the pan-India market for direct-to-consumer brands and SMEs alike. Planning your D2C launch in new markets can be a daunting task which requires extensive planning and careful calculation. The open network offers D2C brands access to different user segments and helps in growing their customer base to far-off geolocations. 

With the open digital network at your disposal, you can reach more customers and sell better without additional efforts to register your brand presence in those markets. You just need a cutting-edge seller app like Mystore to register your direct2consumer brand on ONDC. 

Once registered, your products will be auto-discoverable by millions of customers across India. What’s more, your customer acquisition cost will be lower and with good products and services you can steadily win over loyal customers. 

Break free from monopolistic marketplaces

Users across industry verticals are conditioned by their buying experiences on online marketplaces. They expect their favourite D2C brands to be available on all the popular marketplaces. While selling through online marketplaces gives direct-to-consumer brands access to a wider audience, the monopolistic practices of these popular marketplaces eat away a major chunk of the profits. Also, D2C brands need to sell on multiple marketplaces to reach a wider audience base. 

Selling on the open network portal via ONDC connected marketplace Mystore enables direct-to-consumer brands to break free from the limitations of the monopolistic marketplaces. D2C brands can register on Mystore as well as Mystore seller app. Once D2C brands upload their products, customers using any of the ONDC buyer apps can find their products in the search results. 

D2C brands can also manage their products easily using the built-in OMS of Mystore and avail of a variety of other services like integrated logistics, payments, GST-compliant invoices etc. to process and fulfill orders in new markets. While brands still need to pay some commissions for the orders they receive through ONDC and Mystore, it is a fraction of the amount of what they have to pay on popular marketplaces.

Quick go-to-market

D2C brands that launch quickly and go to market with simple product offerings have a better chance of success. Open Network for Digital Commerce empowers brands to go to market quickly by just registering on the network through powerful seller apps like Mystore. 

With end-to-end ecommerce solutions offered by the ONDC connected marketplace Mystore ( own website, integrated logistics, payment gateways, marketing tools, Mail and SMS solutions etc. ) D2C brands can plan their digital launch, buyer journey, and fulfilment services easily and quickly. 

Leverage m-commerce

India has an untapped ecommerce market waiting to be explored in Tier III-IV and beyond cities. However, to reach these markets D2C brands need cutting-edge m-commerce solutions as mobile is the only medium to access ecommerce in the hinterland.  

Building M-commerce solutions from scratch can be a time and resource-intensive exercise for direct-to-consumer brands. Alternatively, D2C companies can choose to register on ONDC with the Mystore marketplace and seller app which offers advanced M-commerce solutions to sell online. Mystore also offers a mobile admin interface making it easy for D2C brands to manage their businesses on the go.

Experiment with new product mixes

Deciding on the right product mixes for the right target market can be a challenge for D2C brands.  D2C companies need to run multiple A/B testing in different markets to arrive at the one product-market combination that works well. Also, launching products in different markets requires extensive research and planning.

With the ONDC network, direct-to-consumer brands have access to pan-India markets just by registering on the network. This enables brands to make diverse products available and discoverable in a variety of markets ranging from metros to small towns. The data and feedback gathered across markets and customer segments can offer better insights to D2C brands for arriving at the most lucrative product mixes for different markets. All they need is an advanced and feature-rich ONDC seller app like Mystore that helps them receive, process, and fulfil orders seamlessly.


The ONDC initiative is all set to revolutionize the ecommerce landscape in India. D2C brands planning to grow quickly to new markets can make the most of the opportunity by registering early on the open network.

To help D2C brands of every scale and size, Mystore offers a well-rounded and feature-rich ONDC seller app. Mystore, the ONDC-connected marketplace is available for businesses of every size at ZERO fixed subscription charges. The feature-rich Mystore platform is designed in a way that makes online selling easy and hassle-free. Built on a mobile-first next-gen tech stack, Mystore offers a seamless buying experience to customers and an amazingly easy selling experience to brands registered on the ONDC-connected marketplace. 

By enabling brands to connect their own domain Mystore opens up multiple digital sales channels for brands. Selling through ONDC connected Mystore marketplace and seller app,  helps D2C brands gain a definitive edge over their competition. 

Ready to take your D2C brand places? Register free of cost on Mystore right away!