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5 FAQs About ONDC Seller Apps

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StoreHippo9/28/2022, 02:03 PM

ONDC the Government of India initiative is all set to introduce SMEs into the ecommerce ecosystem. Designed to do away with the monopolistic competition in the ecommerce space, ONDC is an attempt to democratize online selling by offering a network where even smaller businesses can have the same opportunities as big players. 

At present, big players like Amazon and Flipkart have a 70%+ share of ecommerce trade across different categories. The open network for digital commerce aims to eliminate the control of such big players that have their own rules for sellers selling through their platforms. 

ONDC offers an open network to the sellers where they can make their own rules for selling, returns, refunds etc., use a tech partner of their choice ( to build their online store) and use the services of their chosen logistics providers to cater to the end customers.   

1. What is the ONDC seller app?

ONDC seller app is the seller-facing software/platform that enables different SMEs and enterprise businesses to register as sellers on the ONDC network. Once registered the sellers can start selling their products and services to customers across India. With the help of the seller app for ONDC businesses get comprehensive solutions to list, display and sell their products. Sellers from different business segments like B2C, D2C, SMEs, Dealers, distributors, service providers etc. can register on the open digital network to reach new markets and customers pan-India.  

2. Why do online sellers need ONDC seller app?

The purpose of the ONDC seller app is to provide sellers with a software solution that enables them to create their online presence. Usually, the different seller apps offer features to showcase products and manage orders. 

ONDC Seller apps also register the sellers for the ONDC network by adding their service area, GSTIN and other details. Once the sellers have added details about their business and the list of products or services they want to sell they can be discoverable on the open digital network. If the buyer query matches with the products sold by a given seller, the seller will be discoverable for that query.

Developed by Mystore-ONDC connected marketplace, the Mystore Seller App is built on MACH architecture, SPA and MEAN stack to offer cutting-edge solutions to sellers. Mystore has a feature rich-admin dashboard along with a gamut of tools to enable sellers from different industry verticals to sell through the open network. Mystore is available to sellers at ZERO subscription cost. It also offer the sellers to have their own online store.

3. How does the ONDC Seller App work?

ONDC seller apps are the seller facing interface or software that make it easy for the sellers to run their business and manage it on the ONDC network. 

Let us understand this with an example, Mr Mohan Agarwal registers his store “ Agarwal Grocery” on the ONDC network. As the name suggests his grocery store will be selling different grocery items. Suppose he opts for delivering grocery items in a range of 5 kilometres. When the buyer Somya Singh searches for “wheat flour” on her buyer app, she will be shown different brands of wheat flour or Atta. She will also see different rates of wheat flour sold by different sellers along with Mr Mohan Agarwal’s shop Agarwal Grocery. Here is how Somya’s search result  for wheat flour or Atta might look like: 

After calculating the final rates (including shipping cost) from the above list, buying from Agarwal Grocery is the most profitable deal for Somya Singh. 

She can place an order for wheat flour at Agarwal Grocery. Once Ms Somya makes the payment Agarwal Grocery can see the order in its admin panel. After checking Ms Somya’s address and other details, Agarwal Grocery can pack and align the item for shipment. They can either use their own delivery boys or opt for a delivery partner registered with ONDC.  

4. How will the ONDC seller app change the Indian ecommerce market?

The ONDC network is going to revolutionize the ecommerce space in India. At present, sellers selling on any of the popular marketplaces are limited by the rules and conditions of that very marketplace brand. For example, if Agarwal Grocery from the above example is a seller on Amazon, it can sell only to the customers of Amazon. 

But within the ONDC network,  Mr Mohan Agarwal can sell to customers pan-India. These customers might be first-time online buyers, buyers who have historically been loyal to Amazon or any other brand.  The open network for digital commerce makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to reap the benefits of digitising their sales channel and being accessible to customers beyond geographical constraints. Sellers can reduce their customer acquisition costs substantially by selling through ONDC seller apps.

5. Why choose Mystore seller app for ONDC?

Mystore® the ONDC-connected marketplace offers a feature-rich ONDC seller app to enable  SMEs across India to use the open digital network to grow their sales and customer base. Mystore ONDC buyer app also offers an ecommerce store to sellers at ZERO subscription cost. Built on cutting-edge technologies (MEAN stack, MACH architecture, SPA, decoupled headless solutions) Mystore offers SMEs a level playing field. While merchants can sell on the ONDC network they can also have their own ecommerce store on the Mystore marketplace. 

Mystore also provides a detailed and easy-to-use admin dashboard along with a gamut of built-in tools to run and manage the business. Sellers with no previous experience selling online can also easily understand the admin dashboard and manage their products, orders, shipping and customers easily using the Mystore seller app for ONDC. 

Mystore also integrates seamlessly with a variety of payment gateways, logistics providers, mail providers, SMS providers etc. This further simplifies selling online for the merchants selling on ONDC.  

Sellers who are currently selling via stores built on other platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento etc. can easily migrate to Mystore and begin selling on the ONDC network. The Mystore ONDC app can be used by any type of business to sell products via the open digital network for commerce. 


ONDC is going to change the ecommerce landscape in India by offering a level playing field to the SMEs. However, to make the most of the opportunity businesses need the right seller app which enables them to manage and grow their business seamlessly. For this sellers need to check and evaluate all the seller apps based on their features, technology and price/comission structure.

Mystore seller app is built on the technology and platform that has been powering enterprise brands across the globe. With Mystore the same technology is now available to SMEs who need an easy to use yet feature-rich solution to grow their online presence. Mystore also offers premium plans with enterprise solutions for fast-growing businesses.  

Ready to be a part of the new ecommerce ecosystem? Explore the Mystore buyer app for ONDC. Register now.