MystoreMystore is an ONDC network-connected marketplace built in India for Indian sellers. Mystore is the first ONDC network participant to connect as a Buyer and Seller NP.  You can register as a seller on Mystore and upload your catalogue. You will have a dedicated Seller page (digi-catalog) along with a Unique QR Code for your page that you can market to your buyers. Your catalogue will also appear on the ONDC network through the Mystore Buyer App and other buyer apps catering to related product domains. Mystore provides a comprehensive seller dashboard to manage your products, orders, and payouts. Mystore also facilitates seamless online shopping across categories with its Mystore Buyer App.
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7 Tips to Get the Best Shopping Experience on ONDC Network

ONDC Network Buyer App

MystoreMay 5, 2023

The “ONDC network project” is here to change the way you shop forever!

The new-age digital initiative holds an incredible selection of products and services in multiple categories (fashion, food delivery, groceries, etc.). Because of its size and popularity, expect to find your favorite brands and products when looking to buy from ONDC network.

However, the overall ONDC network customer experience becomes much more rewarding for buyers who know their way around the vast platform.

So, whether you love shopping for everything online or just buy every now and then, here are the seven tips and tricks to have the best shopping experience on ONDC network using the fully-functional Mystore buyer app:

7 Tips to Get the Best Shopping Experience on ONDC Network

To help first-time buyers navigate their way through the novel ONDC network, we have compiled a list of seven pro tips. Commence your journey from a novice to a shopping guru on the democratic network with these 7 pointers in mind:

More options for sellers to choose from

ONDC network will give a digital presence to 29000+ sellers and a collection of 64 lakhs+ products by 2023, meaning shoppers will be able to find a plethora of choices in each product category. With more options to choose from, you are more likely to find the exact product from the exact brand you’re looking for.

With Mystore, customers can use the search bar to find a product (say “Basmati Rice”). Then, all local suppliers/grocery outlets selling Basmati rice will be displayed on the result page along with their prices. Buyers can then choose which merchant to buy rice from based on price and delivery estimates. With the Mystore buyer app, you can avoid overpaying for every single order.

Keep your eyes peeled for new deals/discounts/reward points

ONDC network’s ever-growing popularity means that new entrants are routinely serving best-for-buck deals to attract new buyers. As an avid shopper, this is the best time to snag a product on sale. Since the merchants won’t go out of their way to announce new deals, it’s up to the buyers to keep their eyes peeled for the best prices, and they can do that with Mystore - a first-rate multilingual buyer app for ONDC network.

To stay on top of the latest deals+discounts, use the Mystore buyer app, where you can view the best prices from your favorite brands and make the most cost-savvy purchase possible.

Pro-tip: If there’s a product you love but would like a cheaper offer, simply add it to your Wishlist on the Mystore app. Then, check your Wishlist regularly and make the purchase when the prices drop :).

Learn more about the product/seller

It helps to know the seller and the products they’re offering when looking to buy from ONDC network. For instance, when browsing through the different seller options in your Mystore buyer app, you can view the product and vendor details on the product page. The product page also contains info such as product descriptions, similar items, etc., to help buyers make an informed purchase.

On the “vendor page”, buyers can also find information pertaining to refund policies, product disclaimers, warranties, seller reviews, etc.

Use the search bar to narrow down your choices

ONDC network has a collection of millions of products. Searching using barebones approach could take hours for you to find the right product. Using the “search bar” approach helps buyers explore and filter a vast collection of products catalog based on their preferences, such as price, deliverable time frames, seller proximity, etc.

With the advanced search filters, it is easy to do a granular search and find the exact match products you are looking for. Mystore buyer app ensures buyers find the exact product they’re looking for and not be lost in the weeds.

Shop in your preferred regional languages

Does shopping in your local, regional language make your shopping experience more pleasurable? If so, then shopping via a multilingual buyer app ONDC network will surely be an exciting prospect. Buyers looking to shop on the democratic platform now have the option of switching to three Indian languages (Hindi, English, and Kannada) via Mystore.

Many online shoppers in remote locations will love this feature as it will allow them to add products, finalise orders, make payments, etc., more easily. Get complete product information in your local tongue and make better buying decisions by leveraging the Mystore buyer app’s inbuilt multilingual support.

Choose trusted neighbourhood sellers who offer same-day delivery

Thanks to ONDC network's penetration into India's Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities/towns, buyers living in these areas can finally bid adieu to "7-business-day delivery". In fact, some local neighbourhood merchants are capable of fulfilling an order in a matter of a few hours, which is great for buyers ordering fresh groceries, dairy products, and other perishable food items.

What’s more, the Mystore buyer app provides a seamless interface for buyers to find their own preferred delivery service in nearby locations that can dispatch the item to them quickly and cost-effectively. That’s what separates ONDC network from other popular marketplaces - the freedom to choose logistics partners for same-day deliveries.

Make Shopping a Joyride With the Mystore buyer app

As is clear by now, customers looking to buy from ONDC network can take their shopping experience to the next level with an equally innovative and compliant solution to help them navigate through the entire marketplace. Enter Mystore buyer app.

Mystore makes finding the right seller and products on the democratic network a cinch. Once your purchase is delivered, you'll get to rate your seller or service provider and share your experience with other buyers across India. Plus, with our Mystore app, customers can manage all their orders in one place - i.e. a seamless admin dashboard.

You can even track the order status and cancel or return them if necessary - all without dealing with the usual hassles of online shopping!


Whether your goal is to save bucks while shopping, find the best deals, or learn more about the ONDC network before you give it a try, become a pro in the art of online shopping with these aforementioned tips. And the best part? You can test these tips for yourself right now. All you need is a cutting-edge buyer app like Mystore and start your shopping journey in minutes!

At Mystore, we desire to bring the Indian market right to your doorstep by unifying the ONDC network experience. Check out our extensive list of offerings that will make your shopping experience on ONDC network more pleasurable today!

Buy on ONDC network with Mystore today.

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