MystoreMystore is an ONDC network-connected marketplace built in India for Indian sellers. Mystore is the first ONDC network participant to connect as a Buyer and Seller NP.  You can register as a seller on Mystore and upload your catalogue. You will have a dedicated Seller page (digi-catalog) along with a Unique QR Code for your page that you can market to your buyers. Your catalogue will also appear on the ONDC network through the Mystore Buyer App and other buyer apps catering to related product domains. Mystore provides a comprehensive seller dashboard to manage your products, orders, and payouts. Mystore also facilitates seamless online shopping across categories with its Mystore Buyer App.
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5 Unique Features of Mystore Buyer App for ONDC Network

ONDC Network Buyer App

MystoreMay 8, 2023

Online shopping, sometimes used interchangeably with “eCommerce”, isn’t a novel concept anymore. The genre has exploded in popularity since the early 2000s, and in 2021, the number of annual online shoppers across India crossed the 185 mn mark. (source: Statista).

The popularity of eCommerce and the emergence of big players who monopolized the markets has given rise to ONDC network - a government-led initiative aimed at democratizing the eCommerce paradigm for all stakeholders in India. As a shopper, you can buy from ONDC network much in the same manner as you did on other marketplaces, with the added benefit of 100% transparency. What’s more, you can find all registered merchants under a single roof, irrespective of their product verticals.

All you need is a compliant ONDC network buyer app and be on your way to a truly memorable shopping experience.

As a first-time customer looking to buy from the open network, you might be wondering which ONDC network buyer app perfectly suits all your shopping needs. Well, your search is over! Introducing India’s leading ONDC network-connected solution - Mystore buyer app.

Introducing The Mystore Buyer App For ONDC Network

Tired of the same old shopping experience? Step up your game with the Mystore buyer app! The ONDC network-connected marketplace is packed with features that will make your buying journey on the open network incredibly enriching. Mystore buyer app allows you to search and shop from pan-India merchants on the ONDC network.

Not only that, you can compare pricing options, use search filters to catch the best deals, keep track of your orders in real-time and pay using your preferred method - all via the Mystore app.

Check out these 5 unique Mystore features so that the next time you buy from ONDC network, your can maximize your buying experience:

5 Unique Mystore Buyer App Features For Buyers on ONDC Network

Basically, everything you’ve ever wanted “shopping on ONDC network ” to be like, Mystore is here to make it happen. Don’t take our word for it. We’ve picked out the five outstanding features that Mystore offers that will keep your shopping journey on ONDC network 100% hassle-free. Let’s get started:

Multi-seller shopping cart

Let’s face it. As customers, anything that facilitates our shopping experience by making it less burdensome is automatically our favorite, and that’s what a multi-seller cart feature offers. For buyers unfamiliar with this feature, Mystore’s multi-vendor shopping cart functionality enables them to purchase goods from multiple ONDC network-enlisted merchants and make a single transaction.

With just a few clicks, you can add products to your cart from your multiple ONDC network shops/brands and pay for them in one go, thus saving you the hassle of entering card details each time for multiple shopping sessions. In recent years, a “multi-vendor cart” has become a staple in eCommerce shopping. However, Mystore buyer app is amongst the first participants offering this functionality to ONDC network buyers.

Build on an advanced tech stack for an immersive shopping experience

The Mystore buyer app is built on the latest tech stack for fully dynamic and secure shopping. A feature-rich buyer app with a streamlined UI/UX experience for ONDC network buyers keeps their shopping journey engaging while making it easier to discover their favorite brands/goods.

Also, using the multilingual buyer app for ONDC network - Mystore, buyers can ensure the best purchase through high-quality images and accessing vendor details on product pages. In addition, Mystore is “headless”. This means that customers can enjoy a consistent shopping experience across multiple platforms or devices.

Seamless and secure checkouts

Forget spending minutes at a time when making a purchase. Mystore facilitates swift and frictionless checkouts through its dynamic user interface. You can find a diverse collection of products and make payments from anywhere, anytime, that too in your preferred payment method (net banking, card payments, etc.) - all from your Mystore buyer app.

Leverage the streamlined checkout features and stay on top of your shopping needs. Forget declined transactions and lengthy latency times with the best multilingual buyer app for ONDC network - Mystore.

Multi-lingual support for added convenience

Did you know that 73% of people browsing the internet are not English? Also, 56.2% say browsing in their language is more important than price. If you are in that camp, then Mystore is THE go-to multilingual buyer app for ONDC network.

There’s a certain level of relatability and trust that we feel when shopping from an online store that speaks our tongue, right? If that’s the case, then you’ll love the Mystore’s in-built multi-lingual functionality that enables you to buy from ONDC network in your preferred language (English, Hindi, Kannada).

You can change the store content to any of the three languages right from your Mystore app dashboard in just one click.

Shop exclusively from your preferred seller/brand

Want to find your ideal ONDC network seller quicker without getting lost in the weeds? Need to find the best deals on your favorite brands across multiple product categories? Mystore has you covered! Simply go to your seller page and search for any desired products based on your preferred brand/merchant. Once you find what you’re looking for, add the product to your cart and finalize the purchase in a matter of seconds!

Mystore buyer app facilitates seamless product delivery by connecting you to your ideal ONDC network merchants. That way, you can easily navigate your way through millions of products and find exactly what you want throughout the vast platform.

By providing these cutting-edge features, Mystore buyer app helps makes you informed decisions and treat yourself to a fully enriched shopping experience.


Online shopping is supposed to be fun and easy, not tiresome, and that’s what Mystore buyer app aims to deliver to pan-India shoppers looking to buy from ONDC network. Our feature-rich multilingual buyer app for ONDC network is your one-stop solution to get started on the democratic platform like a pro.

Start shopping right away with your very own Mystore buyer app!

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