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The New eCommerce Revolution & How It Helps D2Cs Across India

ONDC Network Seller App

MystoreDec 30, 2022

India’s Direct-To-Customer market is set to scale greater heights through the next decade (and beyond). The latest reports paint a rosy picture, estimating India’s D2C market to touch the $60 Bn mark by 2027 (source Fortune India). So, what key factors have made such a tremendous impact on the budding industry?

Several factors are to be credited: a youthful, ambitious workforce coupled with an increased focus on innovation and technology. Also, the internet is becoming more accessible by the day, encouraging businesses and customers to go online. Not only that, a new phenomenon has promised to revolutionise the digital market space and push D2Cs to the next level - Open Network for Digital Commerce protocol.

ONDC network is central to many positive changes in India’s eCommerce ecosystem. With the not-for-profit initiative, the government plans to democratise the online market sphere and bring small players into the fold. The key to any nation’s economic growth is being inclusive and unbiased to all scales of businesses. With ONDC network, all D2Cs can access pan-India audiences on a level playing field.

Let’s uncover the true potential of ONDC network in helping India’s rising D2C economy in more detail.

The Rewarding ONDC network-D2C Partnership

ONDC network aims to eradicate several issues that Indian SMBs face when working with traditional industry giants. No more hefty commissions, contractual lock-ins, or non-transparent policies. D2Cs have the luxury of establishing their terms of service and attracting customers that are theirs and not the platform they sell on.

The revolutionary open-network model will challenge the hegemony of industry behemoths who use their platform-centric model to keep their preferred direct-to-customer vendors at the top. Through ONDC network, small D2C sellers can deploy processes and technologies previously confined to “elite tier” businesses.

Digitising the value chain, ONDC network will promote small seller inclusion, break the market monopoly, boost logistic proficiency, and improve customer experience. The initiative is also a blessing for micro-businesses and local shops that wish to evolve into D2C entities but lack the technical prowess to do so. While there are many reasons to be integrated with ONDC network, it boils down to the five main perks listed below:

1. Be discoverable to more buyers

Through ONDC network, potential buyers can find preferred sellers across multiple channels and vice-versa. Businesses can register as D2C entities via an ONDC network-compatible seller app and open their digital doors to pan-India customers. SMEs get equal visibility and sales opportunities as their industry leaders, with no shady algorithms or preferential treatment. The idea is to make ONDC network an inclusive, seller-friendly platform where all businesses can dare to dream big!

2. Gain business flexibility

Traditional eCommerce could do with more transparency and flexibility. Plus, D2C businesses in India are often hindered by their technological limitations. Business owners have to devote all their energy to handling day-to-day operations and cannot focus on their core competencies.

However, by using an ONDC network-compatible seller app, D2Cs can have their entire eCommerce operations in the palm of their hands. Receiving orders, managing inventory, and setting up prices/discounts is a piece of cake when businesses register on ONDC network through a cutting-edge seller app like Mystore.

3. Save money and resources

Customer acquisition costs are incredibly high with traditional marketplaces, and there isn’t much a small D2C business can do about it. On top of that, sellers have to pay a significant chunk of sales revenue in the form of commission fees (18-40% per order), leaving them with precious little to churn out profits.

On the other hand, “dynamic pricing” and “delivery optimisation” are two crucial pillars of ONDC network. By saving money on choosing logistics providers and customer acquisition costs, retailers can afford to offer their products at more economical prices. This is beneficial for both customers who get a better deal on the same product and sellers who sell their items for cheaper and still maintain healthy revenues.

4. More players are set to be integrated with ONDC network

2022 was just the beginning of ONDC network. In 2023, the open network will be rolled out in 50+ cities, onboarding thousands of pan-India sellers. ONDC network is a “big picture” project, aiming to sign up 900+Mn buyers and 1.2 Mn sellers by 2027. Many renowned brands are looking to be a part of the ONDC network.

Imagine a non-discriminatory platform capable of standardising operations, promoting small-player inclusion, disrupting market monopoly, boosting customer value and accelerating logistic efficiencies. That’s what “Mission ONDC network” is all about.

5. ONDC network strengthens customer-seller relationship

Business 101 states that “any business entity requires a loyal customer base to stay afloat”. The biggest success stories from the D2C realm (Mamaearth, BoAt, etc.) used analytical data in their marketing strategies. Then, the brands generated content that resonated with their target audience.

Built on next-gen MACH technology, Mystore lets you leverage ONDC network’s broader reach and make the most of it using built-in marketing tools. Through a feature-rich ONDC network-connected marketplace like the Mystore seller app, businesses can offer a personalised shopping experience. You can mould your D2C brand through feedback and critical customer data to match customers’ expectations.

Mystore Seller App - The Perfect Solution For Accelerated D2C Journey

Reading all the benefits above, you might be keen on growing your D2C venture through ONDC network as well. If that’s the case, Mystore seller app is here to add wings to your dream!

For zero sign-up fee, registered sellers get access to advanced Mystore features like — automated order management, multiple integrations (payment gateways, logistics, chatbot, etc.), in-built marketing, catalogue management, order tracking, and more.

You can use critical customer data to fine-tune your D2C practices that perfectly align with your target audience. Mystore is packed with functionalities to turn insights into actions, thus improving customer experience.

So, get started with Mystore and gain first-hand experience with its plethora of meticulously built tools to help businesses accelerate their growth trajectory.

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Samar Manjarley
4/16/2024, 01:40 PM

A great initiative to bring small D2C sellers to mainstream e-commerce.

Reply from Team Mystore

Hi Samar, thanks for appreciating our blog on The New eCommerce Revolution & How It Helps D2Cs Across India. If you need our help setting up your store, feel free to contact us. For more ecommerce related information, keep checking the Mystore blog!