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How to buy Cafe Coffee Day beverages on ONDC Network

ONDC Network Buyer App

MystoreFeb 1, 2024

Do you love sipping on Cafe Coffee Days yummy drinks? Imagine having your favourite CCD beverages delivered straight to your door. Good news - it's possible with the ONDC network!

Yes, you heard it right! Now, you can easily order your beloved Cafe Coffee Day drinks online and enjoy them from the comfort of your home.

Wondering how to order Cafe Coffee Day beverages on ONDC Network?

Read this blog to know the complete process of buying Cafe Coffee Day beverages on ONDC network.

Let’s get started with knowing the ONDC network.

Understanding the ONDC Network

Before we dive into the steps, let's take a quick look at what the ONDC network is all about. The Open Network for Digital Commerce protocol is a government-backed initiative that aims to create a fair and open digital commerce environment for businesses of all sizes. It allows local cafes, renowned food chains, and various businesses to establish their digital presence and grow sales in a democratic and non-discriminatory space.

As a coffee enthusiast, you now have the convenience of exploring the diverse menu of your local Cafe Coffee Day as well as other top coffee chains, all on a single platform. To get started, simply download a compatible buyer app like Mystore, and you're ready to buy coffee on ONDC network from Cafe Coffee Day or other cafes and restaurants.

Now, let's explore the benefits that make ordering Cafe Coffee Day beverages on the ONDC network a fantastic choice.

Benefits of Ordering Cafe Coffee Day Beverages on the ONDC Network

You can enjoy several benefits by buying beverages from Cafe Coffee Day on the ONDC network: 

Direct Purchase from Local CCD

Order your favorite CCD drinks directly from your local Cafe Coffee Day which eliminates extra costs associated with intermediary food delivery platforms.

Exclusive Deals and Offers

Enjoy exclusive deals and offers from the ONDC network and make your experience with Cafe Coffee Day even more economical.

Secure Transactions

All transactions on the ONDC network are secured with multi-level encryption which ensures the safety of your data during online payments.

Now that we've highlighted the perks to buy coffee on ONDC Network, let's move on to the step-by-step process of ordering Cafe Coffee Day beverages on the ONDC network.

Step-by-Step guide to order Cafe Coffee Day beverages on ONDC Network

Follow these steps to buy coffee on ONDC Network from your local CCD chains:

Create an Account

Start by creating a user account on an ONDC network-connected buyer app such as Mystore. Provide your email ID, contact number, and delivery address to complete the sign-up process.

Search for Cafe Coffee Day

Use the search bar within the app and type "Cafe Coffee Day." The ONDC network supports hyperlocal ecommerce and will provide the list of all the Cafe Coffee Day outlets near your area.

Explore the Menu

Browse the menu of the Cafe Coffee Day outlets in your vicinity. From signature beverages to delightful snacks, there's a wide range of options for Cafe Coffee Day enthusiasts.

Add Items to Cart

After exploring the menu, add your preferred beverages and snacks to your cart. Double-check the cart to ensure it reflects your desired items.

Proceed to Checkout

Proceed to the checkout section, where you'll confirm your delivery details and choose your preferred payment method. The ONDC network supports various secure payment options for a hassle-free transaction.

Track Your Order

Utilize the Mystore buyer app's order tracking feature to monitor the real-time progress of your Cafe Coffee Day order. Stay informed about the preparation, dispatch, and estimated delivery time.

Why Choose Mystore Buyer App for Cafe Coffee Day orders on ONDC Network

The Mystore Buyer app offers several reasons to stand out as the preferred choice to order Cafe Coffee Day beverages on ONDC Network.

User-friendly interface

Mystore's app features a user-friendly interface, making it easy for every buyer to explore and purchase their favorite Cafe Coffee Day beverages.

Multilingual Support

Breaking language barriers, Mystore provides multilingual support, allowing buyers across India to order Cafe Coffee Day beverages on ONDC Network in their preferred language.

Multi-Seller Cart

Simplifying the buying process, Mystore's multi-seller cart feature enables users to order from different cafes and restaurants simultaneously.

Flexible payment options

Mystore offers flexible payment options, allowing buyers to pay via cards, net banking, or digital wallets when ordering beverages on the ONDC network.

Order tracking

The Mystore buyer app includes a built-in order tracking feature, providing updates at every stage of the delivery process. Stay informed about your Cafe Coffee Day order seamlessly.

Exclusive deals and offers

Mystore Buyer app regularly provides exclusive deals and offers for buyers, enhancing the affordability of Café Coffee Day orders on the ONDC network.

Comprehensive support system

Mystore integrates a comprehensive ticketing system, allowing buyers to raise and resolve issues quickly with the Mystore support team.


For Cafe Coffee Day enthusiasts, the ONDC network opens up new possibilities to explore and enjoy your favorite beverages seamlessly. From exclusive deals to a user-friendly experience, Mystore's buyer app enhances the joy of ordering Café Coffee Day drinks on the ONDC network.

Ready to order Cafe Coffee Day beverages on ONDC Network?

Download the Mystore Buyer app now.

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