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How ONDC Is Different From Popular Online Marketplaces For Sellers

About ONDC

Team Mystore10/28/2022, 12:04 PM

The ONDC network is here to revolutionize the ecommerce industry as a whole! 

But you are wondering how ONDC is different from the already existing popular online marketplace for sellers! Right?

To answer your question, let us dive deeper into the ONDC world and understand how the government-backed initiative is going to benefit the sellers for good. 

What is ONDC?

The Open Network for Digital Commerce is a novel initiative that connects sellers with millions of buyers from around India on a shared network. The ONDC network will help the sellers look beyond the giant marketplaces and create their own individual presence in the ecommerce industry. Small novice sellers who do not have prior knowledge or experience in selling online can also seamlessly build their online presence through the open network and enjoy easy access to millions of buyers. 

How does ONDC work?

The ecommerce landscape in India is full of giant online marketplaces where the buyers and sellers are tied to a single operator-driven platform. The sellers on these marketplaces do not have an individual presence and are bound to follow the set of guidelines stipulated by these giant marketplaces.

However, the ONDC ecommerce network is designed to alter this setup and reinvent the ecommerce industry by introducing the sellers directly to the buyers. In the ONDC setup various sellers and the logistics service providers, payment solution providers, tech solution providers etc. come together to develop a framework that completes the supply chain, from order fulfilment to seamless payment processing. 

How can sellers sell on ONDC

To sell on ONDC, merhcants need a seller app. For example, merchants can use Mystore seller app for ONDC which offers feature-rich solutions to help sellers build their online presence.  Mystore offers an easy-to-use admin dashboard along with a gamut of tools that help sellers run and manage their businesses seamlessly and accelerate their business growth. 

Sellers can also integrate with payment gateways, logistics providers etc. to streamline their order and fulfilment effortlessly. With a feature-rich seller app like Mystore, it becomes easy to sell via the open network even for sellers who have never been online earlier. 

6 ways ONDC will benefit the sellers selling on popular online marketplaces

The ecommerce industry is growing leaps and bounds. SMEs are as well looking for opportunities to take their businesses to the online market, but the cut-throat competition on the popular online marketplaces for sellers make it tough to take the first step. However, with ONDC sellers can easily reach, connect, and convert their prospective buyers. 

Let us look at ways how ONDC is different from the traditional marketplaces:

1. Wider customer base

Going online requires in-depth planning and strategic calculations at each step, which usually is tiresome and complex for the sellers. But the ONDC network is here to support the sellers who are willing to expand their businesses to the online markets. 

By registering on the ONDC platform, sellers can reach a wide customer base with no additional efforts required to go online. Once the sellers are registered with ONDC and have chosen an advanced seller app like Mystore, they can start selling immediately. The sellers can easily upload their products or services.  Their products and services can be auto-discoverable by millions of customers across India at lower customer acquisition costs.

2. Access to best tech solutions

The already existing giant online marketplace for sellers donot give the sellers an opportunity to choose their own tech solutions or service providers. However, the ONDC network is a game changer for the sellers as it offers them the choice of using any ONDC seller app provider. 

By registering on the ONDC platform, sellers get easy access to the best service providers and a variety of tech solutions providers. The open network enables sellers to compare and choose from a variety of logistics  providers, thus  completing their supply chain at low-costs. Sellers can decide their own terms of service, delivery time, delivery partners unlike the pre-decided code they have to follow while selling on the monopolistic marketplaces.

3. Less commission

The online marketplace giants eat away a major chunk of the seller’s profits as commissions. The sellers are forced to pay hefty comissions from their profit margins to leverage the high traffic of these marketplaces. 

However, the ONDC network marketplace charges minimal commissions from the sellers while also providing them a wide audience base. Sellers can quickly start their online journey by registering on the ONDC platform and uploading their products. Even after paying the commissions for ONDC and Mystore seller app, buyer app commission and logistics,  sellers are still paying a fraction of cost that they normally pay on any of the popular marketplaces.  

4. No predatory practices 

It is common knowledge that popular marketplaces launch their own products based on the bestselling products data they gather on their marketplace. Also, such marketplaces use strategic marketing and pricing to promote their brand's products on their own marketplace website to drive customers. This predatory practice gives the sellers a back seat on the marketplace.

The ONDC marketplace is here to give the sellers a fair chance of selling their products and services to the potential customers. Since sellers have control of their own data and also access to information made available by ONDC, they can use these data-driven insights to plan their business strategically. By connecting buyers with all the sellers on the network, the open network gives a fair chance to sellers to grow their business in a competitive environment without falling prey to any predatory practices. 

5. Reputation portability

We all know that buyers look for products on the popular marketplaces, not for the sellers. That is the working pattern of the online marketplaces for sellers, providing them very little to no recognition. If sellers move from one marketplace to another, they lose what-so-ever credibility they have built on the platform. 

However, the ONDC network works on a different mantra, the sellers registered on the platform have their own recognition. They will be able to carry forward the trust and value they built on the ONDC seller app. As and when they move from one app to another within the ONDC platform their ratings are carried forward without any disruption. This kind of reputation portability makes sellers  discoverable to a wide audience, which in turn helps in boosting their sales and reputation.

6. No preferential treatment based on ads

We all have seen the popular online marketplaces showcasing a few products on the top driving the customers towards those specific products. This gives the sellers who can pay for paid placements/ads a preferential treatment and affects the sale chart of other sellers. 

On the ONDC platform, each seller gets equal treatment and there is no preferential treatment based on paid ads. The buyers searching for products on the ONDC platform get connected with a vast number of sellers and service providers who are using Mystore seller app or any other approved seller app. ONDC does not give any preferential treatment to any seller based on their choice of seller apps or any other criteria. This gives a level playing field to the sellers irrespective of their size or budget for ads.


ONDC is going to reform the ecommerce industry in India giving the SMEs an opportunity to access the same traffic and features they thought was only posible if they sold on one of the popular marketplaces. However, to make the most of the opportunity, sellers need an advanced app with future-ready features, advanced technology and disruptive digital commerce solutions. 

The Mystore seller app is built on the technology and platform that has been powering enterprise brands across the globe. It offers easy-to-use yet feature-rich ecommerce solutions to merchant sellers planning to grow their online business. 

Are you ready to explore the new digital commerce market with ONDC? Get started in no time with the Mystore seller app. Register now.