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How to grow cosmetics and beauty products business via ONDC | Mystore
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How Cosmetics And Beauty Products Sellers Can Accelerate Their Growth Through ONDC

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Team Mystore10/6/2022, 12:58 PM

ONDC is all set up for a beta launch in Bangalore. While the initial launch will be with grocery and F&B segments, very soon the beauty products category is  going to be opened for ordering via  the open network. as they would be the next to be onboarded on the open network. While makeup and personal care segments are already a rage on the popular marketplaces, with the open network initiative cosmetics sellers will have an opportunity to tap markets pan-India. 

While there is a lot of buzz about the open network and how it is going to change ecommerce beauty products sellers are looking for more clarity on the platform, its structure and how the ONDC initiative will help their business grow. 

To help our merchant clients from the makeup segment make the most of the  ONDC initiative, Mystore- the ONDC connected marketplace brings a detailed guide illustrating every aspect of getting started with the open network.

How ONDC can help cosmetics and beauty products sellers?  

ONDC is a Government of India backed initiative to democratize ecommerce by offering a open network to sell online. By registering and selling on the open network upcoming cosmetics D2C brands and retail sellers of personal care products can give more expose to their business and reach out to unexplored markets. 

Makeup and personal care products sellers should consider joining ONDC for the following reasons: 

  • Begin your online journey in no time by using a cutting-edge ONDC seller app like Mystore

  • Get access to a variety of service providers, tech solutions etc. on the same network 

  • Run the business on their own terms and conditions ( for example, have its own return policy, delivery timing etc.)

  • Plan to reach every corner of the country

  • Improve profit margins with full control of pricing and discounts 

  • Access valuable customer data 

  • Build reputation over time with the portability of reputation and customer feedback throughout the ONDC network

  • Grow business in a free and nondiscriminatory environment 

Given so many benefits, cosmetics sellers can make the best of the ONDC network to accelerate their business growth.  

5 Benefits of joining ONDC for beauty products sellers

While the beauty products industry has been one of the early adopters of ecommerce, it has not been easy for retailers to build their online presence independent of popular online marketplaces. Makeup and cosmetics products retailers as well as new D2C brands can leverage the ONDC network to reap the following benefits:

1. Selling beauty products online is the new normal

The beauty and personal care market in India is estimated to be worth to be $24.53 Bn in 2022. Growing at a CAGR of 6.32% the industry is forecasted to be worth  $33.33 Bn by 2027. The market size of the online beauty and personal care segment in India is $4.1 Bn in 2022 and it is expected to grow to $5.7 bn by 2025. (Source: Statista)

ONDC offers the right opportunity for cosmetics brands to claim their share in this growth environment. With the tech-savvy Millenials and Gen Z constituting the biggest population of online retail buyers, personal care brands can win big by catering to this buyer segment through ONDC. To get started quickly, beauty product retailers can sign up on the Mystore seller app and start selling in no time.

2. Make loyal customers beyond top-tier cities

Latest reports from festive sales 2022 suggest that there is a 32% y-o-y growth in ecommerce orders volume from tier-III cities and 20% volume growth from tier-II cities. The top tier cities registered a 28% order volume growth. The results are a clear indication that even the smaller town and cities are lapping up ecommerce buying.

Cosmetics and personal care products sellers planning to acquire a new customer base beyond metros can get on ONDC to reach out to customers not only in the hyperlocal market but also to far-off towns and cities. To manage their customers, orders, inventory etc. personal care retailers should go with the Mystore seller app for ONDC which comes with a host of features. Mystore also makes it easy for sellers to streamline payments and shipping

3. Wider market to experiment with new products 

Beauty and personal care industry is known for its frequent product launches. In recent years many D2C brands have been launched in the beauty and personal care segment. ONDC offers the perfect playground for D2C beauty brands planning to test a variety of beauty products in new markets and with new customer segments. 

However, to succeed in the beauty industry brands and retailers need to quickly adapt to changing market demands which fluctuate according to season, styles, marriage-season and a variety of other nuanced factors. To keep ahead of trends beauty and personal care brands need access to a feature rich ONDC seller app like Mystore, which gives them the flexibility to adapt to market dynamics quickly. 

4. Boost sales with M-Commerce 

Retailers planning to go online face the challenge in form of finding the right tech solution that can help them online traffic on multiple channels. Building a beauty and cosmetics products online store along with mobile apps is a costly affair and also requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance to keep up with the latest tech trends.

By joining the ONDC network personal care and beauty products sellers get access to the cutting-edge ONDc seller app Mystore which is built on mobile-first technology. Retailers and D2C brands selling beauty products can leverage Mystore to sell run their complete business on the go.

5. Maximize marketing ROI

With just a physical store to sell personal care and beauty products, the scope for marketing and getting better traction gets limited. Also, customer acquisition costs are much higher due to the CapEx involved. Alternatively, when the same brands sell through online channels scope for low-cost marketing grows manifold. Makeup and personal care brands can use a host of tools to strategize their marketing based on available customer data and online buying patterns. 

By having a presence on ONDC and using the Mystore Seller App cosmetics sellers can leverage digital channels and marketing tools to maximize their ROI. Sellers can implement different promotions as ONDC does not control pricing and promotions like the other popular marketplaces. Mystore easily integrates with a variety of marketing tools giving sellers an in-depth understanding of buyer needs. Based on these results brands can strategise their offers to convert customers better. 

With all these benefits, selling on ONDC using Mystore selling app  can be profitable business move for personal care products sellers.

How can cosmetics resellers and D2C brands start selling on ONDC 

Personal care brands and retailers can start selling on the Open Network for Digital Commerce in following easy steps:

  • Go to and click on the seller section. Now fill in your GSTIN and bank account details to create your account

  • Upload your beauty products catalogue

  • Become discoverable on the ONDC network and start getting cosmetics orders ( you can either opt for hyperlocal orders within a given range or opt for pan-India selling) 

  • Prepare your orders for delivery using your preferred shipping partners available on Mystore 

  • Receive your orders’ payments into your registered bank account 

In these 5 quick and easy steps you are ready to sell from ONDC.


The ecommerce landscape in India is all set to change for good with the launch of ONDC. Beauty products sellers who have not been able to go online yet can use this opportunity to build a multi-channel brand presence and set-up their business for faster growth.

To get the best results from their ONDC presence, cosmetics sellers can login to the Mystore seller app. Mystore has no upfront cost to get started. Sellers can just fill in their details and get started in no time. Using the feature-rich and easy to use admin panel, they can upload their beauty products catalogue, set up pricing and discounts, add GST based tax-rules and fulfil the received orders in a few clicks. Beauty products sellers only have to pay a certain commission on each order to Mystore.

Ready to take your beauty product business to new buyers? Register free of cost on Mystore and start your growth journey right away!