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5 unisex clothes to buy on ONDC Network to be Holi Ready

ONDC Network Buyer App

MystoreMar 12, 2024

As the festival of colours, Holi approaches, it's time to gear up and dress accordingly for the Holi celebration. Whether you are planning to play with vibrant colours, or want to participate in joyous festivities, having the right attire can light up your Holi experience.  

Are you confused about choosing the right clothes for this Holi?

Fret not!  The ONDC network with a wide collection of Holi dresses for both men and women,  makes it easy to buy Holi clothes online.

To make your shopping easier, we have curated a list of five unisex clothes available on the ONDC network that will ensure you are Holi-ready in style.

If you don’t know how to buy clothes online through the ONDC network, we will provide you with easy steps to buy on ONDC network using an advanced buyer app like Mystore.

So, stay tuned!

How the ONDC network makes it easy to buy Holi clothes online

The ONDC network or the Open Network for Digital Commerce protocol brought nationwide apparel sellers on a single network.  From individual clothes sellers and manufacturers to enterprise apparel brands, all are registered on the ONDC network and offer direct buying to customers. 

As Holi is approaching, these sellers have started selling an extensive range of Holi-themed clothes too at discounted prices.

So, unlike the traditional e-commerce ecosystem, you now don’t need to move from one platform to another in search of your desired Holi clothes. You can explore unlimited Holi clothes offered by nationwide sellers on a single network and buy your desired Holi clothes conveniently. 

Aside from this, the ONDC network also offers secure payments and by using the Mystore Buyer app you can pay in your preferred online payment mode. 

Let’s have a quick look at all the benefits of ONDC network to buy Holi clothes online:

  • A wide spectrum of Holi-based clothes are available from nationwide sellers 
  • Get competitive pricing from ONDC network registered sellers
  • All the clothes are of great quality as they are delivered directly by genuine ONDC network sellers
  • Great Holi season deals and discounts are available from various brands
  • Get your desired Holi clothes at low rates as compared to traditional marketplaces
  • Enjoy faster delivery from your hyperlocal fashion stores

5 unisex clothes to buy on ONDC Network to be Holi Ready

With a wide collection of Holi clothes available on the ONDC network, it will be confusing for you to choose the best one for you and your family. To make it easy for you we have curated a list of the top 5 unisex clothes you must consider buying on ONDC network for the Holi celebration.

White Cotton Kurta

Stay classic and comfortable in a white cotton kurta. The ONDC network offers a wide range of white kurtas for both men and women that you can easily explore and buy for this Holi using the Mystore Buyer app.

White t-shirts

White coloured t-shirts are highly preferable for Holi celebrations. You can also opt for a white T-shirt to play with colours this Holi.

Lightweight Cotton Pants

For effortless style and comfort, you can choose lightweight cotton pants for the occasion of Holi. Whether you prefer a T-shirt or Kurta, these cotton pants suit well with both. Explore a diverse range of cotton pants for men and women and buy on ONDC network through an advanced buyer app like Mystore

Bandhani Dupatta

Add a splash of colour this Holi with a vibrant Bandhani dupatta. Both men and women can wear it to add traditional charm to Holi festivities.

Holi t-shirts

Add extra charm to your festivities by wearing Holi-themed t-shirts. Buy from an extensive range of fun designs and colours available on the ONDC network.

How to buy Holi clothes online through the ONDC network

To buy your desired Holi clothes from ONDC network sellers, first, you need to download an ONDC network-connected buyer app.

You can choose any ONDC network-connected buyer app to buy Holi clothes online. The open network algorithm of the ONDC network enables all the registered sellers and their products to be visible across all the buyer apps. So, by choosing any buyer app you can connect and buy from these sellers. 

However, If you are a first-time buyer on the ONDC network, you must look for an app that offers advanced features to simplify your buying on the ONDC network.

While choosing the ONDC network buyer app, must look for the features in your app:

  • Does your app provide a user-friendly interface
  • Will it give you the freedom to buy in languages other than English
  • Does your app offer buying from multiple sellers and brands in one transaction
  • Does your app have a built-in order-tracking feature
  • Can you pay in your preferred online payment method using that app
  • Will it provide comprehensive customer support 

You will easily find all these above-mentioned features and even more in Mystore Buyer app. 

Simplify your Holi shopping experience with Mystore Buyer app

Mystore is India’s leading marketplace connected to the ONDC network and offers out-of-the-box features to easily buy Holi clothes online, which are:

  1. An easy-to-use interface so that even a first-time buyer can easily explore the ONDC network, choose their desired Holi clothes, and buy in easy steps.
  2. Mystore supports multiple languages including English, Hindi, and Kannada. You can easily select your preferred language to buy on ONDC network.
  3. The multi seller shopping cart of Mystore enables you to buy from multiple sellers in one transaction.
  4. Mystore buyer app supports multiple payment gateways. You can easily buy clothes online using Mystore in your preferred payment mode between card payment, net banking, and digital wallet.
  5. Using Mystore’s built-in tracking feature, you can easily track your Holi orders in real-time and receive notifications about the transit status of your orders
  6. Mystore is a PCI-DSS-compliant app that offers complete security and transparency for your online transactions.
  7. Mystore provides the option of “Raise a Ticket” with every order. If you face any issue with any of your orders, you can raise a ticket and get your query resolved in the quickest possible time.

Stepwise guide to buying Holi clothes online using the Mystore Buyer app

You can easily buy unisex Holi clothes  by following these steps on the Mystore Buyer app:

  • Download the Mystore Buyer app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  • Sign in and create your buyer’s profile 
  • Provide your pincode and detect your location on the map
  • Search for your desired Holi Clothes on the search bar
  • Explore all the products displayed on your screen
  • Check thoroughly the seller’s profile, product descriptions, images, prices, shipping charges, shipping rates, etc
  • Add your desired Holi clothes to Mystore’s multiseller cart
  • Review your cart and proceed to checkout
  • Complete payment using your preferred payment method

Your order is placed and now you can check the status of your order using Mystore’s built-in order tracking feature.


From small apparel sellers to enterprise fashion brands, by bringing all the nationwide sellers on a unified network, the ONDC network transforms the way you buy Holi clothes online.

Unlike traditional marketplaces, on the ONDC network, you can effortlessly explore a wide collection of Holi clothes from various sellers and buy using an advanced buyer app,

Whether you prefer traditional attire or want to experiment with modern trends there's something for everyone to stay stylish and comfortable during Holi celebrations. 

So go ahead, Download the Mystore Buyer app, and buy clothes online for a cherished and memorable Holi of 2024.

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