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5 Undisputable Benefits For restaurants Joining ONDC | Mystore
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5 Undisputable Benefits For Food And Beverages Businesses Joining ONDC

Team Mystore2022-09-15T13:05:19.088Z

ONDC is going live by starting servicing 101 pin codes in Bengaluru. In the first phase, businesses from the grocery and food and beverages sectors will be able to sell their products to customers via the open digital network.  

While the beta testing phase of the open digital network begins, F&B brands are still not clear on how to get started on the open network. To help food and beverage brands make an informed decision and understand the ONDC set-up better, Mystore brings a hands-on guide along with the detailed benefits of joining the open digital commerce network. 

Why ONDC is the right choice for F&B businesses planning to grow quickly?

ONDC is a government-backed initiative to help SMEs bypass big marketplaces and find their own footing. Growing a food and beverage business requires lots of planning, strategic marketing and building customer trust over a period of time.

However, with the ONDC set-up, businesses of every size have an opportunity to be discoverable by their target audience. Here is what ONDC promises for sellers of F&B industry:

  • Easy registration that enables them to sell to any customer pan-India

  • Access to a variety of tech, logistics and other solution providers

  • Autonomy in deciding terms of service, delivery time etc.

  • Increased profitability due to freedom to decide prices, discounts etc.

  • Access to customer data for strategic planning

  • Network-level reputation and customer feedback portability

  • No discrimination based on business size, number of orders etc.

5 Exclusive advantages of joining ONDC for Food and Beverage sellers

F&B brands selling on the open digital network can benefit in many ways. Here is what they can gain by registering their digital presence through the ONDC portal:

1. Gain rapid brand visibility

F&B businesses can go online in no time and gain quick visibility for their brand among tech-savvy users who prefer ordering online. With a presence on the wide network, F&B sellers can be discoverable by a wider audience base which in turn has the potential to increase their digital footfalls and sales. 

By choosing the feature-rich ONDC seller apps like Mystore, food and beverage sellers can register and start selling on the open network. F&B sellers can use the variety of tools built-in in the Mystore app to promote their brand, accept frictionless payments and deliver orders quickly to their customers. By starting early on the ONDC network, F&B brands can also get the beginner’s advantage and build a loyal customer base quickly. 

2. Become local favourite 

F&B sellers have a fair chance of becoming local favourites by tweaking their offerings to suit the local market requirements. With a clear understanding of local buyer behaviour, seasonal peaks and slumps, local holidays, seasonal changes ( like food orders go up when it rains) etc. restaurant sellers can quickly tweak their offerings.

Responding quickly to local demands and updating their offering in real time can help F&B sellers in becoming the go-to shop for their local customers. With good and timely services, they can acquire customers for a lifetime. However, to accomplish this they would need a seller app like Mystore that helps them integrate with marketing solutions of their choice.

3. Sell more with M commerce

The majority of food and beverage orders are placed on mobile devices. Having a strong mobile presence gives F&B businesses an edge over their competitors even when all of them are selling through the same ONDC platform. 

To leverage the mobile commerce advantage while selling on the open network F&B sellers can opt to register using Mystore seller app that comes with advanced M-commerce solutions to sell online. Mystore also comes with a mobile admin interface, thus enabling F&B sellers to manage the complete business on the go.  

4. Create brand value with direct customer interactions

Selling on ONDC gives F&B sellers the flexibility to interact with their customers on their own terms. Food and beverage brands can gain better insights into their customers' choices and preferences by interacting with their customers one-to-one. 

By having a one-to-one conversation with a wide customer base, F&B sellers get an opportunity to understand their business shortcomings better. They can then take the right steps to overcome these gaps/shortcomings and tweak their offering and services as per customer demands. This connection with customers goes a long way in building the business as a brand and adding value to the brand name.

5. Make customers loyal with personalised offerings

Selling on ONDC and having direct customer interactions gives F&B brands the confidence to be experimentative and introduce new products or services based on their interaction with the customers. The sellers also have access to customer data which gives them better insights into the choices and tastes of their customers.

The sellers can also go a step ahead and personalise the packaging or offering to market the brand further and create better brand recognition. F&B sellers can also offer personalised loyalty discounts etc. to make their customers loyal to their brand.  Advanced ONDC seller app Mystore enables F&B sellers to receive, manage and fulfil orders seamlessly in a few clicks.  

How can food and beverages brands start selling on ONDC 

Following is the step-wise process for an F& B brand to get started on the Open Network for Digital Commerce:

  • Go to and create an account on the Mystore ONDC seller app by providing their GSTIN and bank account details

  • Upload the list of products you intend to sell on ONDC 

  • Start getting F& B orders from the hyperlocal area you have registered to cater to

  • Choose from the shipping partners on Mystore to complete your deliveries

  • Get the payments into your account based on the pre-decided remittance cycle 

With these 5 easy steps, an F&B brand can start selling on the ONDC network


The ONDC initiative is going to herald a new era of digital commerce in India. Food and beverage brands are going to be one of the early starters on the platform and have the potential to grow fast by reaching new customer segments. 

To make it possible for F&B brands of every scale and size to get the most out of the open digital platform, Mystore- the ONDC connected marketplace offers a comprehensive seller app. F&B sellers can get started with Mystore at zero fixed subscription cost. The Mystore platform is designed on the cutting-edge mobile-first next-gen tech stack and comes with a host of features. The easy-to-use Mystore ONDC seller app offers hassle-free selling options for sellers and helps them manage and scale their business effortlessly. 

Selling via Mystore marketplace and seller app gives a competitive edge to food and beverage sellers. The F&B sellers can also have their own website on the Mystore marketplace and thus sell to their customers via multiple digital channels.

Ready to grow your F&B brand? Register free of cost on Mystore right away!