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4 most important things sellers need to take care of while joining ONDC | Mystore
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4 Most Important Things Sellers Need To Take Care Of While Joining ONDC

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Team Mystore10/19/2022, 11:32 AM

ONDC, the novel initiative to democratize ecommerce has been launched successfully and gaining traction among buyers steadily. The open network for digital commerce has opened up a huge market for merchants (retailers as well as wholesalers) across India. While the open network offers massive growth opportunities, merchants and sellers have a lot of questions about the best way to get started and how to make the most of a network of this size.

Getting started with selling on ONDC

Getting started on the open network is fairly simple. All you have to do is to choose an ONDC seller app like Mystore and follow the steps given below: 

  • On , go to the seller section

  • Add your GSTIN and bank account details to create your account

  • Upload the products you want to sell 

  • Start receiving orders from hyperlocal customers ( if you specify a wider delivery range you can sell to customers pan-India)

  • Fulfil your orders using your preferred shipping partners on Mystore 

  • Receive payments in your registered bank account

That’s it! You have started your online journey in a few minutes.

Benefits of registering on the Open Network for Digital Commerce

By just registering on the Open Network for Digital commerce and setting up their account using an ONDC seller app merchants become a part of the booming ecommerce economy of India. Instead of being dependent on popular marketplaces to get good traffic, merchants and brands alike get to avail all the benefits offered by ONDC.

The sheer scale of the network and the kind of markets it connects gives merchant sellers the following benefits: 

  • Begin their online journey quickly and in a streamlined manner using seller apps like Mystore

  • Break free from limitations imposed by popular marketplaces and decide their own terms of service, delivery time etc. 

  • Option to operate in hyperlocal markets or sell pan-India

  • Use the services of the best tech, logistics and other solution providers registered on ONDC

  • Have complete control over their pricing, offers etc. to earn better profits

  • Access and ownership of their customer data 

  • Portability of reputation and customer feedback throughout the network

  • Grow business in a competitive yet democratic and nondiscriminatory environment 

With a clear understanding of the registration process as well as the benefits sellers also need the guidelines to make the most of the opportunities. 

4 most-important Do’s for sellers joining ONDC 

Starting a new online journey opens up many avenues for the growth and success of a business. However, to grow in the right direction, merchant sellers and their brands need to make some well-thought decisions right at the start.  

Here are the 4 things sellers across industries should take care of while joining the ONDC network:

1. Go with a feature-rich ONDC seller app

Whether you are going online for the first time or you already had a brush with selling online, to sell through the open network for digital commerce you will need a seller app designed for ONDC. With the right seller app, you will be able to showcase, manage and fulfil their orders. 

However, to run and grow the business effortlessly and efficiently sellers should choose a well-rounded ONDC seller app. Following are the must-have features in your ONDC seller app:

  • Offers you a variety of features to run and grow your business

  • Is optimized for speed so you are quickly discoverable

  • Offers cutting-edge tech solutions to future-proof your business

  • Is easy to use for you and your teams

  • Offers a secure solution with multi-level security

  • Offers seamless integration to streamline and improve the business processes

  • Helps in easy migration from other platforms or seller apps

  • Can support your business even if you grow astronomically

With all the above features sellers can start on a firm footing and make the most of the opportunities offered by the open digital network. Mystore seller app for ONDC is built on the cutting-edge MACH architecture which has been powering enterprise brands across the globe. The intuitive, feature-rich and easy-to-use admin dashboard makes it easy for sellers to manage their businesses. 

The PCI-DSS-compliant Mystore seller app is built on cloud infrastructure which extends the built-in cloud security for sellers. The API-based infrastructure makes it easy to integrate with other software or service providers. Sellers can easily migrate their business from other platforms like Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento or any other seller app. The scalable Mystore app supports a vast product catalogue and also comes with advanced ecommerce solutions for businesses that witness hypergrowth.

2. Be ready for mobile shopping

This is the age of m-commerce. Almost 80% of ecommerce orders are placed through mobile devices. Customers simply love the ease and convenience of buying from their mobile devices, primarily their smartphones.

Whether you are selling through ONDC or have your own ecommerce website, if your business does not have a mobile presence, you are losing big on reaching your target audience. So to tap the right audience and to sell better through the ONDC network, choose a seller app which is built on the mobile-first principle. Here is what you should be additionally looking for in your seller app:

  • Offers you a mobile-ready solution to engage and convert more buyers

  • Has been built grounds-up on mobile-first principle rather than including it as an afterthought 

  • Makes your products easily discoverable on mobile devices of every type

  • Offers fast and frictionless mobile checkouts and boosts your order volume

  • Gives a mobile-ready admin to run business from anywhere

Mystore seller app is designed to give the best mobile shopping experience to buyers. Sellers registered with Mystore can leverage m commerce easily thanks to the built-in features which were designed considering the ease of selling and buying on mobile devices. 

3. Make purchase decisions easy for your buyers

Well, whatever your business model or the platform you might be using, your business success ultimately depends on how easy you make it for your customers to buy from your brand. 

While you can choose the best ONDC seller app to make your products easily discoverable, you also need to ensure that your products have all the information that helps your customers with quick checkouts. 

Here is what you should offer to your customers:

  • Offer a clear and detailed description of your products and services

  • Give a detailed product view with multiple high-resolution product pictures

  • Be reachable by offering clearly visible contact details

  • Clearly define your return and refund policies 

  • Give multiple payment and shipping options

Mystore seller app makes it easy for its merchant clients to implement the above. While sellers have the freedom to decide their return and refund policies on ONDC, Mystore offers a built-in contact form to help buyers connect with the sellers. Mystore also helps sellers offer multiple payment and shipping options to their customers, thus making conversions faster and order delivery easier.

4. Personalize your marketing

This is the era when buyers want everything tailor-made for their requirements. Right from the products to the offers and the timing of your promotions should be well coordinated and personalised for the unique requirements of your customers.

To make your business stand out from other sellers your marketing strategies should have personalization at its core. After all, targeted deals have a better chance of conversion and ensure a higher marketing ROI.

  • Offer different discounts to different buyers based on their purchase history

  • Make use of your knowledge of local buying peak seasons to sell better with discounts

  • Power your communications by using multiple channels like emails, SMS etc.

  • Use best-in-breed marketing tools to strategize your marketing

  • Try different marketing strategies ( free products, discounts, free delivery etc.) for different customer groups and improvise based on results

Mystore seller app offers SEO-ready solutions along with integrated marketing tools to help the seller make the most of organic and paid marketing opportunities. With the SEO features, merchants can optimize their content and products for better discoverability. With integrated marketing tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Automated Product Feed etc. sellers can also get strategic insights and better results from paid marketing campaigns.


ONDC is going to be a game changer for businesses across India. By offering access to nationwide online buyers and by focusing on better hyperlocal experiences,  the open network gives SMB businesses an opportunity to accelerate their growth.  However, businesses need to make informed and calculated decisions right at the start to derive maximum benefits from such an opportunity. 

By combining the rich features and ease of use of Mystore seller app with strategic planning and marketing, sellers can boost their online presence and become a bestseller brand on the open network for digital commerce. 

Ready to join ONDC on a strong footing? Get started with the Mystore buyer app for ONDC. Register now.